Delivering the change
you want to see in the world

Preserve & Grow

Our purpose is to help high net worth families, private individuals and institutions to preserve, grow and pass on their assets over time.

Founded in 2009, we have served our clients to grow stronger through financial and regulatory changes.

Our interests are wholly aligned with our clients - our main activity is to protect and enrich them. We focus on providing our clients with fresh investment perspectives and long-term financial growth.

Los Angeles
New York

Time of Change

Supporting Your Life And Your Business

In the last decade the world went through extraordinary events such as banking crisis, CRS regulations, new compliance criteria and new legal corporate rules, which are directly affecting your business and private life style

A highly professional team

Boasting asset management expertise and longstanding experience and cooperation with major European and International banks, help investor clients seek capital protection and constant capital growth according to their portfolio and performance goals.

The support offered by Seven Arrows Capital is all-encompassing: bank accounts, mutual funds and investment portfolio management, private label funds and trusts, financial and fiscal advice, tax planning, family succession.